British Telecoms Firm Plans To Expand With New Office Based In Englewood, Miami

British-based firm Brighter Bills have spoken to the Englewood Herald about plans to expand into the USA market, opening a new office in Englewood, Miami.

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The British firm is a leader in Business Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) technology, and believes it can take advantage of an open market in the Miami area with many small business still stuck using out-dated PBX technology.

VoIP System Benefits For Englewood Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the latest technology that makes communication over the internet a possibility. The technology converts voice vibrations into compressed digital signals, which translate to Internet Protocol (IP) packets. These packets are subsequently converted to a regular telephone signal. This technology allows a business to make telephone calls from a desktop computer that is equipped with a business VoIP phone. This system offers so many important advantages to a modern business. Here are some of the most important advantages of VoIP systems for your business.

Businessman, isolated on white backgroundBrighter Bills CEO James Evans claims “VoIP phone systems would increase savings by considerably lowering the communication costs of your business. The system will also allow a user to integrate important software such as remote conferencing, e-fax and e-mail. In other words, a VoIP user may speak over the phone while accessing the aforementioned facilities simultaneously.”

These users can take their adapters anywhere they want to. This makes it possible for such users to hold important telephone conversations at any venue that offers an internet connection. This increased mobility will help businessmen who are always on the move. Corporate employees who are required to travel on a constant basis may benefit the most from this system. Long distance VoIP calls are much cheaper compared to traditional long distance calls. These are some of the most important benefits of VoIP systems for your business.

VoIP technology will help increase the productivity of your organization by allowing the employees to multi-task without any interruptions. It helps the organization to save money on communication bills each month. This will help the business to allocate additional funds on other aspects of the business, which will help increase the productivity of the business. VoIP technology will help the user conduct virtual meetings, attach important documents and share important business data over video conferencing. The voice clarity of this system is another important benefit for your business. The clarity of the voice is much higher compared to traditional telephony systems. The advancement in VoIP technology has reduced the amount of previous bugs such as dropped calls, lagging transmission and producing distorted phone calls. These are very important benefits for your business in the long run.

VoIP technology is easy to install as it requires a very little technical know-how. Your business will no longer require separate cabling for traditional phone systems. It will drastically cut down on the fire hazards and clutter due to a host of electrical wires in your office. VoIP technology makes it much easier to add new components with minimal hassle compared to traditional phone systems. Since the transfer of voice occurs through software instead of hardware, it is much easier to alter and maintain the entire phone system. This is why VoIP technology is so popular among the majority of businesses today.

In conclusion, Brighter Bills maintain their VoIP technology offers so many important advantages for your business. It is much cost effective compared to traditional telephone systems. The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of the important benefits of VoIP systems for your business.

We wish Brighter Bills good luck with their new venture!

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